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Konversation mellan granadadr och king2
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  1. king2
    2010-11-02 10:17
    Hello Joergen, i am slowly translating the info how to use this forum.
    I hope i will be able to post some threat soon.
    Maybe i am not yet authorized. Will see - i updated my self the profile so maybe it will be possible for me to write also some lines about my project soon.
    In meantime you can have a look

    Anyway - thanks for the info - we will be in touch.
    Regards Ladislav
  2. granadadr
    2010-10-28 17:35
    Hello,, thankyou, i am happy then you like my car, well i think you allready have seen the engine i realy want to see your car, that would be fun well for now i cant get you any claer indicators, becourse the manyfactering is down,, BUT i have seen one Norwegan website,, he is starting fabricating those, mail,

    Regards Jörgen
  3. king2
    2010-10-28 09:51
    i am an ford fan from czech republic - prague.
    i am a little lost in translation so it will take me some time to introduce my self officially using the correct threat for it. but i could not stop my self from writing you.
    I am really curious about the clear indicators you have on your car - i have also granada MK2...2door ;-) , will show the pics later.
    If you could let me know where you get those indicator - i would be really happy.
    Thanks man.

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