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Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:35

Cochyn - Focus Cosworth project
Here's my car guys, just going to copy/paste all updates from another forum, so ignore the time frame these updates were done.


After blasting

And paint

Proper engine mounts instead of those crap one's before.

Group A Coil.

In in goes and plumbed up.

And the result of 2k miles on a these engine mounts by a certain company :cry:

Some engine pics after a bit of a clean and a long morning drive to carry on with running her in.

Nice close up of the problematic wiper linkage and custom lead to avoid it :)

No better roads and weather to start running her in ;)

Off with the old....

On with the new...

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:36

Setup session at Harvey Gibbs garage today, chuffed with the results! :)

Couple of crappy pics...

Harvey and Jim doing their thing :)


Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:37

First proper show since the rebuild and it went perfectly at all times. Loved it! :)

Had a drive down to SCS to do the old bufty thing and a bit of tinkering to ensure everything was as it should be, then a mammoth all you can Chinese with Jimbo's clan....epic fat bastard me! :cry: :lol:

Awsome weekend I had to say, and thanks for Jimbo and Harvey for the welcome as always....nobody gives me abuse like they do :cry:

P.S. Check Jimbo's white walls :lol:

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:37

Off work today, so gave her a bit of a wash and general tidy up. Waiting on pipework for my swirl pot to mount in the boot and my brakes from Marc :)

Shortly fitting after a bell colour change...

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:38

Slapped the brakes together today (caliper looks like its sitting on the bell, but it isn't :lol:), kinda like the blue/silver combo with a white RL7 :)

Otherwise, having to wait on additional pipework for the cage, but getting there :)

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:39

Had issues with my Stack ST700R i.e. broken needle and a few other bits, so easier to buy another since repairing it would cost near enough the same. So sold it and bought Fudgey's one which is perfect! Thanks pal :)

Work in progress, but almost there. Need to sort a few additional sections to the cage, as well an adjustable rose jointed strut brace and to paint the cage. At the mo its in its rust free coating.

Decided on building strong box sections and allocating plates to bolt the cage in all 4 points.

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:39

A bit more done. Just need the last 2 feet welding on, the last 2 horizontal bars from the rear bars to the bottom of the hoop, then paint it.

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:40

PORN!!! :)

In high build primer, sand down and paint and it'd done :)
By cochyn at 2012-03-25
By cochyn at 2012-03-25

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:41

Wwwwww :)
By cochyn at 2012-03-31
By cochyn at 2012-03-31

Well the cage is finished and looks great IMO, big difference in the corners. Can't wait to see the difference on track. Just needs some false flooring and carpeting between the fuel tank and the front carpet and it'll be sound. Here's a few pics from Monday's developments....

Seats out ready...
By cochyn at 2012-04-03

Decided on keeping the back seats out, because it looks so damn good! :)
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03

Both plates together to measure for the box sections...
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03

With door cards in, slight trimming needed...
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03
By cochyn at 2012-04-03

Chunky :)
By cochyn at 2012-04-03

So as the day went on, at 4pm Monday I decided to change the oil. But for whatever reason, I just didn't focus on where the jack was and the fact it was slipping. It ended up falling on the front half of the sump, bending it like a banana! :( So the whole front end needed to be removed to get the sump off that night. Luckily it had only bent and not crushed any of the crank or anything drastic.

So I drove back to Wales this morning to pick up a spare sump off my good friend John Coles, dropped it off at a lad who does alloy welding and he welded the old breather sump boss off my old sump. Then it was a case of finding a gasket, which seem to be like gold dust around here :cry: Anyways, by 6pm today it was running and back to normal....mad 2 days! :cry:

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:41

Washed it earlier, cage looks good I think :)

Screw it, their going on. Car only moving to Central before Norway trip. Love 'em Sticky! :)

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:43

Well I'm a really happy man today, just fetched the Corbeau Revenge for a bargain price of just over 200 squids! Can't believe it, looking all over to see what's wrong with it :cry: But it's immaculate!

Trial fitted it in the car its great :) Just need a Corbeau Sprint to match up nicely and THEN I'm finished with it :lol:

Sorry for pic quality, bad phone and it's dark :cry:

Been after some harnesses in the form of Sabelt's, Luke's or Willans. But I've been looking up a lot on TRS.

Got these for a bargain. If they're good enough for winning teams in countless motorsports and the Skoda WRC team, then they're good enough for my little shed ;)

They just need a bit of a wash though :cry:!~~60_12.JPG

Won the passenger seat on Ebay tonight. Another minter at a bargain :) So the Sprint matches the Revenge but gives that slight contrast between "driver" and "passenger" look with the head wrap around. Bang tidy! :)

Cochyn 2012-05-11 16:43

MOT today, passed but my suspension needs updating a tad :cry:

But had a fun 2 days abusing the car back home, getting used to the new seats on some class roads. I think the contrast between both seats are pretty good considering they're not identical :)

Not a major update, but big enough impact on the car. PAS system been leaking for a while so did something about it. Fitted my spare pump on, new belt and had a local engineering firm knock me up a roughly identical hose to the other Ford one with the correct fixed thread on one end to screw the Aeroquip into. Nice and neat :)

Sorting new coilovers out and it's then the countdown to Gatebil :)

Focus RS 2012-05-12 06:32

Looks very good Al! :thumb3d: I have followed your Focos project thread in UK from the beginning, even if I miss your old FRS... ;)

Cochyn 2012-05-12 10:03

Yeah man, I really miss that car too. I hear it doesn't move at all now, because it's so immaculate. I looked after that one, one of the best out there. Would buy it back as a daily runaround if I could :)

Keller 2012-05-12 10:20

That is some awsome work mate!

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