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Gammal 2013-08-16, 21:08   #11
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Medlemsdatum: Jan 2008
Namn: Alan
Från: North Wales, U.K.
Kör: Focus Cosworth
Inlägg: 138

Cochyn +100 Börjar känna sig hemmaCochyn +100 Börjar känna sig hemma
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Ventured down to SCS to do the obligatory Ford Fair prep and they were busy finishing Steve Punton's build. What a machine, 670bhp and a nice 6 speed Elite box among loads of other neat bits (and my spare diff :cry. Such a cool car! Some pics of Jimbo's motor and mine through the bufty stages before abuse on track

(Sorry about pic quality, crap phone!)

Ready to roll...

On stand early...

Ripped out the last of the carpet, just got too annoying. Took the grinder to the floor to get any surface rust up (none really) and threw some rust eating sealer in typical spots and painted. Rubbish pics, but it does look good in real life. Will leave it for a few days before I get time to throw seats back in.

Marc Kinsey's kindly making me some nice rally style foot rests to put in it, similar to what he made in his Fiesta. Good egg! :top:

Marc Kinsey aka Kinzy Motorsport kindly knocked me up some nice alloy footrests, which now has some grip tape attached to them. Top job matey and very quickly done, thanks again! :top:

Gatebil Tour 2012
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