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European Ford Event 2014 - UK CONVOY

Allmänna diskussioner (ej teknik) om bilar, motorer och allt däromkring.
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Blev medlem: mån jan 21, 2008 2:47 pm
Namn: Alan
Ort: North Wales, U.K.
Kör: Focus Cosworth

European Ford Event 2014 - UK CONVOY

Inläggav Cochyn » sön apr 20, 2014 8:12 am

Posted this on another Cosworth related forum, but open to anyone who fancies a good run out for 3 days. Bringing some big names and cars from the UK too, so just posting to show you guys and ecourage you to come

Its a bit early, but cheaper rates are possible if you book now. So I knocked all this up to help anyone who hasn't been. Last time I was at EFE was in 2007, but nothing much has changed really except the venue.

I've PM'd all who showed interest, including people who go regularly every year. So we'll all be staying together, which is good in the event that any prone mechanical issues with our cars decided to show up :cry:

I've only listed the details for the show, so if anyone wants to do the Nurburgring, then I guess you can sort that out as its only around 2 hours away.

The Eurotunnel proves to be the cheaper option at £98 return and only takes 30 minutes to get over to Calais. But then you're faced with a 3 hour drive. Whereas the ferry from Harwich will take a while, but at least you'll have a cabin to sleep, shower and generally relax whilst you wait. Meals and plenty of beer on board and enough activities to keep us amused. Although its more expensive, you'll save wear and tear on your car as its only 106 miles away from the hotel once you land in Hook of Holland.


Then its a leisurely drive to Hotel Asteria in Venray. This will be a 106 mile drive from Hook of Holland which should take around 1 hour 45 minutes.


I got in touch with the hotel to give us some prices, they are as follows. You can book these rooms online. Personally, I went for 2 nights because from memory, it was a laugh drinking all day on Saturday whilst cleaning the cars in the car park :lol: Or you have the time to look around the area.

Website -Hotel Asteria Venray

We would have the following rooms available on September 12th and September 13th 2014.

* Comfort room
1 person € 69,50 per night £57.79
2 persons € 69,50 per night

* Royal room
1 person € 79,50 per night £66.10
2 persons € 79,50 per night

* Deluxe room (incl infrared cabin)
1 person € 89,50 per night £74.42
2 persons € 89,50 per night

* Junior suite
1 person € 99,50 per night £82.73
2 persons € 99,50 per night

* Suite (incl infrared cabin)
1 person € 109,50 per night £91.05
2 persons € 109,50 per night

The above mentioned rates are based on bed & breakfast, including VAT and excluding city tax of € 1,50 p.p.p.n. £1.25

Then we move on to the show at Raceway Venray on Sunday 14th September. Its only 15km away from the hotel, so around 15 minutes. Any further details you need, visit the European Ford Event website which is very detailed with all info you require - you may have to right click to translate to English.

Website -

Along with my Focus Cosworth, here are some friends that are coming too! :)

800+ bhp with sequential FFD, 0-60 2.8 seconds

450bhp RWD

550bhp SCS Harvey Gibbs car

680bhp sequential RWD

http://i886.photobucket.com/albums/ac67 ... g~original"]http://i886.photobucket.com/albums/ac67/ia...i6.jpg~original
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