För dig som har renoverat upp din Mustang till nyskick

Allt om Fords modell Mustang.
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För dig som har renoverat upp din Mustang till nyskick

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Perfekt när man har renoverat upp sin Fox Body Mustang i nyskick. :)

Artikel från Motor Authority: LÄNK
Ford is reprinting window stickers for classic Mustangs
If you've restored a classic Mustang and want it to look like it did when sitting all shiny and new at the dealership, Ford is now selling reprints of some of its earlier window stickers.

The classic reprints are fully original, right down to the size of the sticker and the colors and fonts used, and right now they are available for the Mustang for the 1987 to 1989 model years only.

They are available through the Ford Show Parts website and cost $59.95. All you need is to enter the VIN when ordering to get the exact window sticker for your car.

The window sticker provides key information about the vehicle at a glance, which can be handy if you sell cars for a living but also cool if you're a collector. Ford has been offering reprints for all of its vehicles dating back over a decade but until now obtaining an older reprint meant going through a third-party service. While the information will be accurate, these third-party reprints don't match the original designs Ford used. In the case of collectors, authenticity often means everything.

While the classic reprints are limited to the third-generation Mustang, i.e. the Fox Body, Autoblog reported on Friday that Ford plans to expand the program, so who knows which models and model years will be included next.