Focus: Ta bort/gömma lås i dörrar fram

Focus RS
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Focus: Ta bort/gömma lås i dörrar fram

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Ett enkelt sätt att "ta bort"/gömma låsen i framdörrarna på din Focus är helt enkelt att byta ut "täckbrickan" runt låsen mot de som sitter bak på en 5-dörrars Focus.

OBS! Kom ihåg att alltid se till att ha fräscha batterier i fjärrkontrollen, annars få du räkna med att krypa in genom bakluckan om de tar slut... ;)
  1. Remove all of the screws along the outer edge of the door card, the single screw from behind the silver lock leaver (use a small flat screwdriver to pick out the cap which covers the single screw) and the two bolts from inside the grab handle (use a 3mm alan key to remove the grab handle cover. Do this by inserting the small return end into the access hole at the bottom of the handle and work the cover away from the housing).
  2. Carefully pop off the cover that houses the electric mirror switch/mirror blanking plate and disconnect the plug.
  3. Carefully remove the door card taking care around the silver internal lock leaver.
  4. Looking towards the slam panel end of the door, carefully peel back the moisture liner to uncover a grommet. Remove this to gain access to the retaining T15 Torx bolt.
  5. Unscrew the T15 Torx bolt until the Bezel becomes loose on the outside.
  6. Carefully unhook of the Bezel with your hand and remove.
  7. Place and feed the new cover into the lock. You may need to trim the inside of the cover with a knife to make it fit snugly over the lock.
  8. Tighten the Torx bolt and work backwards through the steps to re – assemble the door card.