K: Taunus Seat

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Blev medlem: sön jun 22, 2014 8:42 pm
Namn: Juha Lindblom
Kör: Ford Mondeo 2,0 Ecoboost And Ford Taunus Coupe 1975
Ort: Finland Helsinki

K: Taunus Seat

Inlägg av NiceMan1972 »

First sorry, i not undestand Sweden... :-( Only Finnish and English.
I missing seat to my projekt: Ford Taunus Coupe 1975 and its hard find from Finland so i try hire if can get any help...
I need both front seat and backseat whit arm... Color etc no matter but metal parts be need good or easy fix to "new".
Outside color or quolity is no matter because its come new skin.
Someone stole my seat and soon need new one...
And i need GT seat not normal one.
Put email or private post.
Thanks to all!

Först ledsen, jag inte undestand Sverige ... :-( Endast finska och engelska.
Jag saknade säte till min projekt: Ford Taunus Coupe 1975 och dess hårda fynd från Finland så jag försöker hyra om kan få någon hjälp ...
Jag behöver både framsätet och baksätet dugg arm ... Färg osv oavsett utan metalldelar vara behöver bra eller lätt fixa till "nya".
Utanför färg eller quolity ingen roll eftersom det kommer ny hud.
Någon stal min plats och behöver snart ny ...
Och jag behöver GT stolen inte normala.
Sätt e-post eller privata inlägg.
Tack till alla!



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Blev medlem: ons okt 08, 2003 10:00 am
Namn: Jörgen A.
Kör: Granada, scorpio samt en del andra Fordar
Ort: Skellefteå

Inlägg av granadadr »

Anglofilen skrev:I`ve got passenger, driver and backseat from a 4-door Taunus 2,0 gl 1980-82...
Light grey/blue and in good condition.

Not exactly what you´re looking for but a suggestion if nothing else turns up, by the way...i´m gonna check with my friend in dalarna
but thats gonna take a couple of weeks.

I´ve got a question for you though - looking for a Cortina Mk3 GT/GXL/xl (One cant have to many of those), if something in nice condition
turns up in finland give me a "call" here.
sorry but they don`t fit into a coupe, ;)

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Blev medlem: ons apr 12, 2006 8:26 am
Namn: Hasse B.
Kör: 1977 Taunus 1.6L (+ 1977 2.0, 1974 1600L, 1964 17M Super & ngr div)
Ort: Västernorrland

Inlägg av Släggmek »

Totally so, unfortunally. The Taunus coupe has a backseat which is all its own with a deep sculpted bucket design that is somewhat both narrower and higher at the top and the inner width at the backseat is also different between 2- and 4-door bodies. However, the matching front seats to this can be found also in some 2-door sedans (propably 4-doors too, but then they lack the seat mechanisms that fold ahead - also, on later models the locks are built into the back of the seat). Those cars came depending on model year and equipment level with either the same low bucket seats in front or a style with built-in head rests, which are too high to fit in the coupe. Therefore, the next alternative would be to use Granada front seats which are practically a bolt-in conversion if you use the Taunus seat chassis and very few would notice the difference if all seats get new cloth (unfortunally no original textiles can be found for this). The are however a slight bit wider so it´s a tight fit and you end up sitting about 8-10 cm higher too, but they are on the other hand more comfortable and side grip support is great :). Although the separate head rests on those are a tight fit to the roof headliner when folded ahead, so you might want to remove those.

By the way, should you go with the full rebuild of a pair of Taunus/Cortina front seats and those are buckets, i suggest you start by reinforcing the bare frames with some steel plates in the upper corners as the thin steel pipes tend to break from metal fatigue as they bend back and forth when kept all the time in a laidback "sporty" position over the years, speaking from experience :banghead::whistling:.
"If it jams - force it! If it breaks - it needed replacing anyway!" (sett på verktygslåda :D )

Debatt; av latinets "de battere" - att slå sönder andra talares argument ;)

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Blev medlem: sön jun 22, 2014 8:42 pm
Namn: Juha Lindblom
Kör: Ford Mondeo 2,0 Ecoboost And Ford Taunus Coupe 1975
Ort: Finland Helsinki

Inlägg av NiceMan1972 »

Thanks to all answer, i found one set from Finalnd but i visit 4 day trip outside and that time someone buy them :-(
One good at i have backseat, its only model whithou arm but front seat still missing and i not want use other car seat there... But still contiune find .
And only metall parts need be good because its come full lether skin to all =)

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Blev medlem: lör okt 31, 2009 9:47 am
Namn: Christopher
Kör: Citroën C4 Grand Picasso, Taunus GXL
Ort: Skurugata

Inlägg av Expoze »

I have a complete set from a 71 GXL coupe if youre still searching.

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