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Focus RS
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Blev medlem: ons sep 10, 2003 10:00 am
Namn: Per-Anders G
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Lite mer info...


PS. Lite värdelöst vetande... Googlar man på signaturen som finns på bilden så finner man att den tillhör Tony Peat, en medlem i Fords design team. DS.

Cologne, December 17, 2007 – Ford of Europe is confirming its plan to deliver an exciting all-new, high performance Focus RS model for launch in 2009. A design image released by the company today hints at the exciting direction the new model is taking.

The new Focus RS will be based on the dynamic new Focus ST. It will be developed by Ford Team RS, a specialist team led by Jost Capito who, as previously announced, is being appointed to the new role as Vehicle Line Director for Ford of Europe Performance Vehicles from January 1, 2008.

"With two consecutive Manufacturers' World Rally Championship titles under our belt, the time is right to create a new Focus RS," said John Fleming, Ford of Europe's President and CEO. "With the Fiesta and Focus ST models, Jost and his team have proved already that they can deliver exciting and practical performance road cars. The success of these models, combined with Jost's experience in motorsport and Ford of Europe's positive business results, mean that we now have a credible business case for a no-compromise Focus RS roadcar for more enthusiastic drivers."

The basic concept for a new Focus RS has been under development within Ford Team RS under Capito's leadership for some months already. Now that the programme has been given the 'green light', Capito and his team will be concentrating fully on this programme.

"We have reviewed our technical options and worked closely with the Design team on how the car might look, and I'm very excited by the results," said Jost Capito, "Now with the programme going ahead, the hard work really starts as the small team working on the project takes the car from prototype to production."

Stay Tuned
Ford of Europe will not reveal any of the technical details of the new Focus RS until closer to launch in 2009. The company plans to show a concept version of the car publicly for the first time in mid-2008.

"We will use the redesigned 2008 Focus ST as the base for a no-compromise RS model that will become the ultimate road-going Focus," Capito added. "Just as the Focus RS WRC owns the rally circuit, we want the new Focus RS to own the road, so we have the major competitors in our sights as we develop the car's performance, design, handling and braking."

"We're not ready to confirm any of the technical details of the new Focus RS yet - Jost and his team have a lot to do to finalise the exact specification and styling," said Fleming. "But make no mistake, I can assure you that ultimately, the car we plan to launch will be worthy of wearing the coveted Ford RS badge."

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Blev medlem: lör jan 20, 2007 2:11 pm
Namn: mikael k
Kör: Ny bliven focus ST ägare då! sierra cosworth rwd torino gran sport taunus osv mm
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hoppas att det blir ngt me lite hk i dags att ford bygger prestanda bilar! :)

som på den goa tiden me cosworth som tydligen aldrig mer blir av me så är det kränga ngt som är bra? dom skulle ju aldrig släppt cossy kan ju inte hela storyn om det!?

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den såg grym ut redan på den smyg-bilden! *drool* en sån skulle jag verkligen kunna ha! :)
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ser riktigt brutal ut, lite cosworth över huvven tycker jag
Cosworth Crew Uppsala

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Jonis_i_uppsala skrev:ser riktigt brutal ut, lite cosworth över huvven tycker jag
Ja, det är nice med gälar. Ser bred och trevlig ut. :)

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Namn: Daniel S
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Ooh, den såg ju rätt arg ut. :D Blir till att börja spara då. :D

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Jag tycker den där C ska se till att det blir nån träff på Ford så vi i klubben får känna o klämma lite!=) Det kan ju inte vara en omöjlighet, när den väl kommer hit vill säga!? Helst skulle man ju vilja prova den på bana...! MVH! / Robin


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400000kr ouch blir å köpa en om 5-10år då :D

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Rali skrev:Jag tycker den där C ska se till att det blir nån träff på Ford så vi i klubben får känna o klämma lite!=) Det kan ju inte vara en omöjlighet, när den väl kommer hit vill säga!? Helst skulle man ju vilja prova den på bana...! MVH! / Robin
Jag tycke rätt den där Rali har helt rätt :D
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Bil blogg

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Gief more info och bilder.... Jag villl se mer :D

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lagom tills man e färdig med plugget så kommer bilen ut på marknad.... Hmm får väll hoppas på ett bra jobb där det krävs "firma" bil....

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Namn: Christian L
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Man ska ta tidningsinformationerna som finns med en nya salt. Så att ni vet det. ;) Det spekuleras friskt minst sagt. :) Som vanligt alltså...

Mer information om bilen?
Ford har nu beslutat att den informationen som finns är det som kommer att släppas officiellt just nu tyvärr. Resterande information kommer till Genèvesalongen 2008. Den går av stapeln den 6:e mars. Ni får hålla er tills dess helt enkelt men jag kan garantera att det är värt att vänta på! :D
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Ska inte Focus RS bygga på S60R komponenter såsom motor osv??:confused:

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De får vi allt se, men kan nog vara troligt att det blir så att de kommer bli den motorn som Ford har i sitt program.

Focus RS kommer bli en fin andra bil... :D
MVH // Mullis

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Focus RS
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Blev medlem: ons sep 10, 2003 10:00 am
Namn: Per-Anders G
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Mer rykten om "kommande" FRDS mkII. Taget från
When Ford announced that it would be producing an RS version of the first generation Focus, fast Ford fans all over the world worked themselves into a frenzy of anticipation. It had been ten long years since the Escort Cosworth, and it was about time that we saw another truly fast Ford. The car that arrived was eventually accepted by those in the know as being one of the truly great hot hatchbacks – despite the infamous, and ongoing, diff fiasco. However, in spite of its eventual critical acclaim and cult status, I don’t think anyone would pretend that they weren’t gutted that it wasn’t a true spiritual successor to the late, great Escort ‘Cosseh’. Put simply, it wasn’t a rally car for the road – just another very decent hot hatchback. This was no super saloon to compete with the motor sport cachet of the Evo, Impreza and Cosworth-badged Fords.

A generation on and Ford released the successor to the RS, the ST, alongside yet another completely irrelevant WRC machine at the Autosport Show. The dropping of ‘RS’ signalled that Ford was planning another model to slot into the range above this one – possibly one with a Rallye Sport badge. Possibly four-wheel drive. Possibly something to tie the road cars in more closely with the company’s WRC programme. Possibly 300bhp. Possibly a true successor to the last Cosworth.
Just before Christmas, Ford showed a teaser picture of the new RS to whet our appetites and forums across the internet went mental. The existence of the ST – a car that already has over 200bhp and, following an announcement from Ford, will soon be available with 260bhp – meant that the RS was going to have to be properly special. The teaser pic showed swollen arches, a gaping hole in the front bumper and bonnet vents. A few months earlier, Ford put out a press release saying that it had appointed Jost Capito as its new vehicle line director for Ford Performance Vehicles – a man with an illustrious motor sport career history. This was it: the new Escort Cosworth.

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But, yet again, it looks like the prospect of a proper tarmac terrorist with a blue oval on its nose is going to be nothing more than a day dream. This month’s issue of CAR proudly proclaims – in an interview with Capito no less - that the new RS will not be a stripped out road racer and, most disappointingly of all, the new RS will not have four wheel drive.

Which does beg the question: what on earth is the point?

It seems that all we’re getting from Ford is a warmed over ST. Capito says that “The majority of people don’t want stripped-out cars. These days they expect creature comforts.” A fair point, but are the ‘majority’ of people going to buy an essexed-up Focus with a big rear wing, flared arches and no back doors? Are the ‘majority’ of people going to want a car that does 15mpg? Are the ‘majority’ of people going to think, “Yes, I think I will pay a £5-10k premium over the ST for a few extra bhp, a badge and a bodykit”? The answer to all those questions is: no, probably not.

When you put a 300 brake horsepower engine into the front of a family car you are, whether you like it or not, aiming at a very specific audience: the enthusiast. Manufacturers don’t make cars like this to make money – they either do it for motor sport homologation or, the other 999 times out of 1,000, to bath the rest of the range in a warm glow of desirability so they can make more money from the lesser models.

So why not go the whole hog? Capito says, “There’s absolutely no need for four-wheel drive” but I’m afraid that is complete rubbish. Even if he thinks that putting 300bhp through the front wheels of a car is a good idea, or that in engineering terms it’s the most elegant solution, from a desirability point of view (which is what these cars are all about) it makes no sense whatsoever. You only have to look at the success of the Evo and the STi, never mind the fact that a decent Escort Cosworth still sells for £25k, to see that having four-wheel drive adds an exotic element that simply cannot be achieved with only two wheels being driven.
It’s not even a money thing – and that just makes it even more infuriating. The Focus shares its platform with the Volvo C30, which has both the capability to accept a four-wheel drive transmission and a four-wheel drive system that fits it – it would require very little development to put it in a high-power Focus.

I just can’t understand why Ford are taking this approach to the new RS – there is so much potential, both from the point of view of tying the completely irrelevant World Rally Championship into the road car operation and creating another timeless Ford legend.

I had hoped that I was going to missing the Cosworth badge, not everything that the car should have been. Let's hope this is a very ellaborate smoke screen.

The new Focus RS is set to make its debut at the British Motor Show in August.
"The saga continues"...

...och hur den slutar får framtiden utvisa...

Detta är tyvärr ytterligare ett av alla de rykten jag hört det senaste året om att en eventuell kommande FRS inte kommer ha 4WD, utan även denna gång FWD. *suck*

Ja, ja... Den som lever, han får se...


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